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Millstones 4th of July Pub Re-opening Preparations

We're pleased to announce, in preparation for the re-opening of pubs on the 4th of July, we're planning our first brew after approximately three months of stand down.

We're excited to push forward with getting beer out to the pubs for our loyal customers, and ourselves, to enjoy.

First brew will more than likely be Tiger Rut. Tiger Rut, a 4% pale brewed with Chinook hops, is Millstones most popular beer and is normally brewed twice a week in order to keep up with demand.

Don't worry if you can't visit the pub just yet, you can still enjoy Millstone beer at home. We will be continuing to supply draft and bottled beers from the brewery and local outlets, such as Mossley Wholefoods and Albion Farm.

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